It is important for someone looking into a home renovation project to understand the process in order to avoid surprises. With Tauer Inc, the process is clearly laid out in order to set proper expectations. I understand that the homeowner’s daily in-home activities may be affected, and at some times it may even be inconvenient. To ensure that everyone is on the same page and timelines and expectations are communicated, I adhere to a very efficient process.

I contract for a living and have experienced numerous different circumstances that may come up throughout a renovation project. One possible issue that may pose a problem during the project is unforeseen conditions in concealed areas. Occasionally during a renovation, an item that is unknown to both the homeowner and contractor is uncovered. If this type of situation arises during one of my projects, be assured that whatever changes and challenges take place, they will be communicated and dealt with in the best interest of the homeowner.

I’d like to outline a typical project progression in chronological order

  1. On-site consultation – getting an understanding of the scope of work.
    1. Walk Through
    2. Conversation of customers requirements and concerns
    3. Offering of ideas and solutions
      1. Design drawings (if applicable)
  2. Define scope of work
    1. Outline scope of work to customer
    2. Make sure customer has a full understanding of the work to be conducted
  3. Cost estimate
    1. Offer estimate of what it will take to complete the project including all labor and materials
  4. Agreement
    1. Signed Contract and Deposit Check
  5. Obtain any required municipal permits
  6. Make product selections
  7. Commence work
  8. Project completion
  9. Certification of occupancy or final inspection